Most Common African Animals

Doing a tour of African creatures is not as preposterous as it might seem at first glance. Many years before you had to hire an expert guide and make all the arrangements, but I do not like it anymore. If you want to experience a real journey, you will be pleased to know that there are many experts ready to take tourists like you. Most of them go out to see African animals.

The African tour is one of the best holiday experiences, allowing people to get up close to some of the giants of the African savanna. Being the home of some of the funny creatures that walk the earth, the main problem will be to which to try and pay particular attention. As a rule, the gig animals are what people come to see, a handful of mammals that are synonymous with the African plains. Below are the most common African animals.

The first member of the Big Five is the Black Rhino, a herbivorous monster currently threatened in many areas of the continent. They are unmistakable animals, seen for their beautiful ivory horn at the tip of the head, just one of the reasons why the rhinoceros has been the subject of extreme hunting for so many years. There has been a series of reintroduction programmers to help raise the worrying numbers of black rhinoceros in nature, making one see a much more mystical experience.

Now we go to the African Leopard, an animal that, although it is more abundant in nature than the rhinoceros, is even more difficult to detect on tours. They use huge trees as a platform to spread their prey, so make sure you keep your eyes up to see this beautiful creature. They are more dynamic at dusk or at dawn, these are the times when they would usually kill. Having the ability to accelerate to over 35 mph and quickly ready to climb a tree, they tend to keep their killing in a tree to keep other predators in check.

The biggest of all, the African elephant is merely famous for the touring experience. Growing more than 14 feet tall and up to 30 feet wide and weighing up to ten tones; they are the most prominent living terrestrial creature. They are the perfect example of a gentle monster, maintaining a strict diet of vegetation and water, although more than 400 pounds of plant and 40 to 60 gallons of water per day are required.

Another is the Cape buffalo, a typical sight, but it is still absolutely incredible to witness in the flesh. Buffalos are usually found in large herds, a thousand in some cases strong, a frightening prospect and the most deadly animals in Africa. It is accepted that there are a million buffalo in the African plains, so there are many possibilities to catch one during your trip.

Finally, we have the lion, a standout among the most energetic animals to see on tour. For a long time admired for their strength and undeniable beauty, these big cats are formidable hunters, although you are more likely to see them play and socialize within their pride than to look for their next dinner.



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